If your car is giving some hints of engine trouble while driving, you have to take immediate action. It may lead to serious issues and demand engine replacement very soon. Without proper care and maintenance, there is a higher chance of engine dysfunction. To avoid this you have to be attentive to the signs related to the engine, and take your car to the best car service in Dubai as soon as possible. Here are some signs you have to look out for.

Unusual noises

It is usual that the engine may produce sounds while it's working, but you have to be more careful if you notice some unusual sounds coming out of the engine. This may be due to the engine running on dirty oil or something else, and if the engine is producing a knocking noise it can because of a from a worn engine bearing. These bearings reduce the friction between moving parts and provide movement in a desired way. So if these fail to work you will end up stuck in the middle of your journey.

Smoke out of the exhaust

Smoke from the exhaust is normal, but you have to be careful if your car blows a lot of smoke. This can indicate a major problem with the engine, and you should have to pay attention. There might be white smoke, blue smoke, or black smoke, and in any case, check the engine temperature level. If it is running hotter than usual, it can lead to severe troubles. It is usual that a bit of smoke be blown out when you start your engine, but if the smoke continues to come out throughout running, you need a car service immediately.

Metal shavings in oil

You have to ensure the optimum working condition of the engine regularly. If you find some metal shavings during the oil change, it means that there is an issue with your engine. These metal debris could have entered the engine with continuous wear and tear. If you come across rough idling, strange noises, and reduced power, you have to check whether there are metal shavings. If that is the case, maybe certain parts of your engine needs to be replaced. Therefore, never avoid initial signs.

Reduced power

If you feel the car struggling to gain acceleration power, it may be the sign of underlying engine problems. You should know that if your car loses power, it means the engine facing serious issues. For instance, it could be due to a damaged oil filter. This is extremely dangerous and can cause a complete breakdown and claim expensive repairs.