A drained battery is a nightmare for any drive. It paralysis the car and cause delays at important moments in your day to day work and life.

There is no simple answer to the question "how long a car battery should last?" but it is possible to offer some generalizations based on decades of industry experience. To begin with, we know that the life of a car battery varies based on three key factors: time, heat and vibration and other reasons. Let’s take a closer look at the battery’s function, how does it get drained, and what actions you should do in these situations.

What does the battery’s do?

The battery’s primary function is to start the Engine, by feeding its starter. After that, the battery will be responsible for powering the vehicle's electrical systems, and in some models, it interferes with important functions like steering, making it very important to keep your battery healthy at all times.

Most cars have single maintenance-free 12-volt batteries. This type is rechargeable, meaning that once you start the engine, it will generate electricity to recharge the battery.

If your car’s battery is in good condition, about 30 minutes of driving or running the engine will be enough to recharge it completely. This depends of course on the battery’s condition, the car’s consumption and whether your battery is completely drained or not.

Over time, the battery’s capacity drops down. On average, you‘ll need to replace it every 2-3 years. If you drive your car daily and keep the battery fully charged, it will last longer, unlike when you keep the car parked for long periods.

Weak Battery Warning Signs

You may have a battery problem if the starter motor cranks the engine slowly or the Battery/Charging warning lamp is illuminated. Another weak battery indicator on older cars is dim incandescent headlights, particularly at idle. However, not every failing battery reveals itself through obvious symptoms.

To avoid being stranded by a battery problem, have the battery inspected at every oil change to make sure the cable connections are clean and tight, and the hold-down hardware is secure. Once a battery reaches three years of age, have it tested annually. The test will identify if the battery has deteriorated to the point where replacement is recommended to prevent unexpected failure.

Replacing the battery might not be a tricky job, but it needs some carefulness, due to different cars battery management systems and their requirements, and the battery’s weight and the fact that old batteries could be dangerous and can harm you. Thus, seeking the help of professionals is a safe option in these cases!


When your car needs a new battery, always purchase one from a high-volume seller with fresh stock. You do not want a battery that has already lost a good portion of its service life sitting on a shelf. Also, look for a battery with an extended full-replacement warranty. And with new technologies arising, replacing your car battery is becoming an easy task. If you notice any of the weak battery signs we mentioned above, you can Just download the Promechanix app, book a battery checkup session and our mobile garage will come to your home or office anywhere in Dubai. Our experts will only recommend replacing your car's battery when it's necessary saving you the future problems of a drained battery. they will also conduct a full checkup on your car’s vital parts from an engine oil change to AC repair and even a car wash! so you can rest assured that you are getting the best car service in Dubai!