Do you know that continuous braking can reduce your car life? Many drivers may wonder whether braking could result in reducing car life or brake life. As a driver, you should keep decent braking practices. This must begin from the moment you start the car. The best braking practices will help to increase the average life of your car brakes or keep the brake pads last longer. For instance, if you are driving a new car it would take more than 300 miles for the brakes to efficiently work. This is because the pads and discs need to adjust to one other in a new car. So, you need to drive cautiously and keep this in mind once you start driving your new car. Likewise, here are a few other braking tips for you.

Slow down before the stop

Many of you may stomp on the brakes immediately. Even in the traffic light, turn, and stop where you can assume the signal to slow down your car. These sudden braking may result in wear and tear on your brakes. So, try to slow down rather than braking suddenly. To avoid premature brake pad wear, try driving at a medium speed and avoid unnecessary braking.

Keep distance

If you are driving in traffic, keeping a minimum distance from the vehicle before is always better, because you cannot assume their action of braking or stopping. So, you need to leave more space to slow down your vehicle as they stop. Keep a safe following distance to back off from sudden braking. This would help to ensure the pad life and reduce the wear on your brakes.

Check your brake before the go

If you are about to start a dry pavement drive, hill drive, or mountain drive, certainly you should check the brakes and vehicle condition. Thinking like “I will service my car in Dubai after the ride” may end up in disaster without a proper braking system. So, thoroughly check the brake before the journey. Try to balance the engine braking and allow the brakes to cool while you drive down a long hill.

Avoid “Two-Footing” your Pedals

If you are keeping your right foot on the accelerator and left taping on the brake, then there is a higher chance for your brake pedals to wear. You should not continue this habit to prolong the brake pedal life. Avoid spending money unnecessary on brake pedals. You can save it only if you follow good braking habits.

Reduce the load in your car

You might have noticed that many people are reluctant to keep heavy objects in their car. Why do they insist on reducing the load? Here is the reason; while you stuff too many things in a car, the weight increases and this larger kinetic load may lead to halting your brake pads when you stop. You need to reduce loading things into your car for longer brake pad life.


Follow these helpful braking tips to keep your brake last longer. You can save money spending on the brake pads with these simple braking practices. Give due importance to servicing your car on time and avoid brake pad issues while you drive. Understand when you need to replace the brake pads and rotors because your safety is more important than anything.