Today, there are more ways than ever to lead an environment-friendly life. Most of the green alternatives today are effective compared to traditional ones but exceeds them when it comes to saving the planet. The Automobile industry is no exception, with Electric Vehicles making a notable impact in the last few years and becoming more mainstream. In this article, we will have a look at Electric Vehicles and the reasons to make you think of buying one.

The Cost

EVs can differ in price and cost, depending on the make, model, type and features, like traditional vehicles. What is different here, is that EVs will offer you a huge value over the long term, as they offer a cheaper and efficient way of transportation. The continued development in the electric vehicle section is expected to lower the costs in the next coming years, so you should expect them to be your ultimate handy and affordable choice soon enough!

Maintenance Costs

With the concept of efficiency in mind, EVs manufacturers always aim to design cars that are cheap to use and maintain. They are not only fuel-efficient but also easy to keep them running. A look at EVs tells us that they are run by 3 components to power them: an on-board charger, an inverter and the motor of course. This simple structure means less hassle for you and almost no stress! It’s also less vulnerable to weariness, especially for the motor, which will be more relieved. Ideally, EVs won’t cause you headaches with constant repairs and the costs should be very affordable.

A Green Choice

EVs fall under two categories: fully electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars. Fully electric cars have zero emissions that mean greener and healthier driving experience, for both of you and the environment. Hybrid cars tend to do the same when running in electric mode.

Less emission means fewer greenhouse gasses. Such a collective initiative will no doubt create a much better world and make cities more inhabitable! And with the global focus on these technologies, we can expect more environment-friendly car batteries, motors, and advances in the field of EVs!

Easy to Charge

Charging an EV is simple and fast. All that you need to have is a compact all-weather home charging unit outside your house. Once you install this unit, charging your EV will be straightforward and as easy as charging your phone.

Your EV will need 8 to 12 hours to be fully charged, and with the aid of a rapid charger, you will need much less than that.

A Better Experience

EVs are very quiet compared to petrol/diesel cars! Driving one makes your driving experience more comfortable and stress-free! They also enjoy the benefits of instant torque, which helps you get instant power at no time, as soon as you hit the accelerator!

Their design is something else! The position of the car battery in the floor of the vehicle creates balance and much easier handling and maneuvering.

A Choice for The Future

Although EVs are turning more mainstream, they haven’t reached full potential yet! Their development is still underway but very promising at the same time with more instant charging and far more environment-friendly approaches!

Gitex Technology Week, which was held in Dubai World Trade Center last October, was promising with the introduction of many EVs brands and models, as Gulf News reported. And while the transformation toward EVs won’t happen instantly, we should expect it soon enough, especially in a city like Dubai which boasts 200 public EVs chargers, making it one of the earliest adaptors of Electric Vehicles.

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