Buying a car could be confusing. You’ll be looking at various models and types, seeking the one car that will reflect your personality and make your life on the road more fun and easier for you while being reliable and practical.

Among the various comparisons that you could make while looking for your ride, one rises above the others in the UAE market: Should you go for a sedan or an SUV? This question isn’t easy to answer, as both types offer unique features and characteristics. So, in this article, we will help you with this one and draw a little comparison between these two types.

SUVs: What Do They Offer?

Unlike Sedans, SUVs can offer plenty of space with more comfortable seats, and higher ones that can give you a better view of the road. This feature is related to the core of SUVs and their design, as they tend to go for the bulky and big one, while sedans are known for their smart and sporty design.

More than that, SUVs specifications make them perfect for extreme driving conditions. Their 4-wheel drive system will be handy on slippery roads, or off-road areas, like mud, dirt roads…etc.

Also, this means that whenever you think of towing something heavy you should think of an SUV as a reliable option. This tendency for power means that SUVs are one-step ahead of sedans in terms of protection in case of accidents since the SUV chassis is built differently for this purpose.

This blend of space and power can be perfect if you are a family person or have to move things a lot. Loading and unloading an SUV is much easier, and it definitely can take more stuff than a sedan’s usual trunk.

Saying all of that, we have to admit that SUVs are simply cool as well! Driving one is a way of expressing yourself too and help you stand out among other drivers and leave an impression.

Sedans: A Smart Alternative?

Sedans tend to appear as smarter and more practical alternatives. They might not be as flashy as the big ones, but it doesn’t cost as much. This same budget-friendly approach extends to fuel, as sedans get higher gas mileage than standard SUVs and with financial and environmental concerns, sedans can win this part of the comparison.

We said before that these two types differ in the core. This difference makes maintenance and services cost much cheaper when it comes to sedans for parts like tires and brakes for example.

Also, having a more basic system that is simpler than the 4-wheel system, could be a blessing in disguise since simplicity means fewer things going wrong and easier maneuvering sometimes.

The previous point can’t be understood without considering the surroundings. When you live in a crowded city or one with narrower streets, driving and parking an SUV could be exhausting and confusing, unlike sedans, which are built to fit in such tight areas.

If you are buying a car for the first time, you should brace yourself for a few more things to come in the future, no matter what kind of car you choose. Some of them will be urgent and others will be regular visits and car services like oil change, car wash, and AC repairs for example.

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