The winter season is around the corner, and it is time to make sure whether your vehicle is ready to take on the extreme cold and snow. Here is a checklist that will help you get your car ready for winter driving. The Winter Checklist

Check the battery

Weak batteries in the cold weather can make it so difficult to start your car. Get it checked by any good car service in Dubai and make sure that all battery cables are secured and free of corrosion.

Keep a snow brush and shovel

You can keep these in the car as it may not be so pleasant moving the snow with your hands! It is recommended to keep a shovel in the trunk and brush by the rear seats during winter.

Oil Change

Oil can thicken in the cold and may result in less lubrication of the engine parts. This is not good for your engine. Consult a trusted car service center in Dubai to know more about getting the engine oil thinner during the cold months.

Check tire pressure

Your car’s tire pressure drops as the weather gets cold. Make sure that your tires are topped off to the optimal pressure during the winters.

Top up the coolant

Test the level of your coolant. The reservoir should be half water and half antifreeze. Make sure that it is truly 50/50 and top it off if low. Replace the coolant if the mixture is off.

Check the belt and hoses

Inspect your hoses and make sure that they are not loose. Check for cracks and leaks too. The belt should not be fraying or cracking and replace them immediately if you notice anything wrong.

Swap tires

Your car’s all-season tires cannot probably face the harsh winter conditions. You could consider wapping all four tires for snow tires during the winter season.

Choose a washer fluid for cold

Normal washer fluid can freeze and cause issues while driving. Choose a washer fluid that can withstand -20° to -40°.

Replace the wipers

Wipers are important in the winter months, so make sure that they do not have any smearing or missing areas. Consider choosing winter wiper blades that can prevent ice and snow buildup.

Prepare an emergency kit

In the winter months, always have an emergency kit in your car including basic essentials like food, water, clothes, toolkit, phone charger, etc.