How to Prepare your Vehicle for Post-Lockdown?

After the long lockdown, you may be eagerly waiting to get behind the steering wheel again! The lockdown due to the coronavirus has taken away a lot of precious days from our lives, and it is a sobering fact that life won’t be the same after the lockdown is lifted. If you love driving and miss your car so much, you should definitely make sure that your driving experience should not be marred by the consequences of the lockdown. Before you set off, here are some very simple things you should pay attention to while preparing your vehicle for the post lockdown period.

Check fluid levels

Check the engine oil and coolant levels before starting the engine. If it is always better to take your vehicle to a car service Dubai. You can also do it ourself: start the car and leave the engine running for a few minutes before the drive. This allows the liquids to flow through all the lines and tubes to lubricate all the parts properly.

Check tire pressure

When you don’t drive your car for a long time, the tires lose air pressure. This occurs due to a process called permeability, that is when the tires normally lose a little air every day, particularly in the summer. If the car is stationary and the tires lose all the air, the weight of the vehicle can damage the rim and distort the wheel.


It is necessary to clean your vehicle giving importance to areas that come under the greatest contact, both on the exterior and interior of your car. The outside and inside door handles, steering wheel, gear knob, touch screens, indicators, and power window switches. These are the other areas of your car you should focus on while disinfecting: Dashboard: This is one of the most important points to focus on as people commonly cough or sneeze in that way. Floor mats: The mats should be cleaned thoroughly because they accumulate a lot of dirt that is brought in on the soles of your shoes after you go to different places. Ventilation: Clean them to ensure air quality, and the vents must not be blocked. Along with disinfecting them, the dust should be removed with a brush or vacuum. Exterior: You should remember that people touch many other areas outside the car beside the door handles. It is important to apply the right cleaning products to clean the car properly.


When your car is stationary, you need to check all the parts that are employed while driving, like lights, indicators, windows, wipers, and all the electronic accessories. All this information is usually displayed on the car’s infotainment system. If anything does not function correctly, a warning light will be indicated on the display. This will tell you about what needs to be checked.And finally, before you start driving, do not forget to check all the documents. Arrange all your papers, and have a visit to the relevant authorities to make sure the insurance, pollution certificates, etc are up to date.