A dirty air filter can cause serious damage to your car. But often, you may not notice the necessity of changing it on time. When do you really need to change your engine air filter? Once you get down to a car workshop, the mobile car mechanic in Dubai may ask you to replace it after looking into the air filter. How far can this be true? Replacing the air filter is important as it is an essential part of engine performance and maintenance.

Why is an engine air filter important?

Every automobile has an engine air filter and modern cars come up with two air filters. The one for the cabin and the other for the engine; engine air filters prevent dust, dirt, and other contaminants from getting into the engine. The cabin air filter needs to be changed periodically and you have to replace an engine air filter as it gets clogged or dirty. The timely filter change can affect your vehicle performance. You cannot set a timely replacement schedule for the engine air filter. And the time when your engine air filter will be replaced will vary according to its efficiency and you can check it once a while you get your car from a mobile car service Dubai.

What causes an engine air filter damage?

Your car engine air filter efficiency depends on how long you drive your car. This varies according to models and brands, for instance, some need to be changed in every 30,000-mile intervals. Likewise, driving in conditions like heavy traffic and weather, driving in unpaved roads or dusty off roads may cause early engine air filter damage and you may need to replace it.

How can you recognize the damage?

Understanding when your car air filters need to be changed is not a hard task. In fact, you can understand it simply by looking at it. If the surface of the filter is blackened, it’s time for a swap. You can easily access engine air filters and if you find any difficulty, go through the owner’s manual. There is a need for you to change it frequently unless you encounter bad driving conditions or mileage problems. A common user has to change it only once in a year or within two years.

Why should you replace the engine air filter?

Clean air is mandatory for your car engine to work properly. The engine air filter helps to enter only clean air by preventing the contaminated, dusty, dirty particles. As long as the air filter functions efficiently, the chance for engine damage is comparatively lesser. If the air filter got damaged this may result in decreased gas mileage, slow acceleration, reduced engine performance, and higher emissions. You should consider replacing the air filter according to the recommended mileage interval for higher engine life. Check whether you are driving your vehicle through a dirty road or in bad weather conditions. If then, you may have to replace your engine air filter more frequently than expected.