Cars oil is, needless to say, an essential component that you should always keep an eye on, in terms of changing and quality. Consider it the lifeblood of your cars, since it is responsible for lubrication, moving specific parts and cooling. To put it simply, our experts consider oil changing as a key action to extend your car’s life! Knowing that, a few questions might arise in your head about the best way to handle this matter and we will gladly address them in this article!


As we have said before, oil will play many roles regarding your car’s performance. Unfortunately, over time and many other factors like engine heating and cold starts, oil gets dirty and thus doesn’t function properly. That means more sludge and increasing risk to your car’s engine health.

How often?

While there is no definitive answer for this question, few things might come handy. You can check the car’s guide. Manufacturers usually point to how often you should do so. On average, most experts recommend changing your oil every 7,500 kilometers or every 6 months. This period of course can change according to your car’s type and most importantly, to how you use it (Consider that using it for short trips, for example, will require you to change oil earlier). Playing it safe and changing oil every 5000 kilometers might seem a little bit exaggerated but it can’t do no harm! Note that when you can’t estimate yourself, you can always ask mechanics and experts, to avoid damaging your car!

What is the correct oil?

Choosing the wrong oil can have dangerous effects on your car’s health over time. The right oil is related to your car’s manufacturer and model and can be found with the user’s manual.

As for oils, there are many differences related to many different factors like the additives, e.g. anti-oxidants and detergents and they vary according to your environment (Your car oil change in Dubai might change in a city with different temperature and environment) and even to how used your car is, as there’s a special kind of oil for high-mileage vehicles. Getting to know the right type can be overwhelming for some. Therefore, seeking the right advice is essential in this case!

Our mobile mechanics at Promechanix understand what your car needs, and we use high-quality oil and lubricants by ENOC, so you can rest assured while we do the oil car change and some of the best car services in Dubai, which we are known for! Ask for it and our mobile garage will be right there for you anywhere in Dubai!