The car A/C is one of the components in your car that can stop working without notice. Typically, a car A/C goes out of order during the summer heat. Having some knowledge about the working of your car A/C can be really helpful, but sometimes only a mobile garage Dubai can help you out of the situation. Here are some of the most important diagnostic tips for your car A/C:

Understand the system and components

First of all, you should know what is your A/C made up of. Basically the air conditioning works just like the refrigerator at your home. The purpose of the A/C is to remove the hot air inside your vehicle. The important components of your car A/C are the following; a compressor to pressurize the air conditioning system, a condenser to remove the heat from the refrigerant, an evaporator to absorb heat from the interior of the car, a metering device to change the pressure in the air conditioning system from high pressure to low pressure, hoses or lines, and the refrigerant.

Safety and Tools

While performing any A/C service, you must have the proper tools and equipment in your hands, and always remember to exercise caution while using them. Some of the reasons why you should be careful are that the air conditioning system is filled with high pressure always, and it can be really dangerous. Furthermore, the parts of the system can reach well over 150 degrees Fahrenheit, so you should be really careful while coming in contact with those parts. Also, there are many moving parts you should watch out for while the engine is running. Always take proper precautions while checking your car A/C.

Performance check

Checking for the proper performance of your car A/C is really important at regular intervals to avoid unexpected complaints. Here are some important steps to follow during the performance check. Firstly, park your vehicle on a level surface. Then place the wheel chocks around the driver side rear tire. After that, open the hood and locate the air conditioning compressor. The next step is to turn on the AC and to check whether the clutch is engaged. If the compressor clutch is engaged, return to the vehicle and turn the fan to medium speed. Finally, check whether the air is cold enough.

What if no air comes out of the dash vents?

While you are performing the above-mentioned checks, if the air does not come out of the center dash vents, or if the air is coming out of the wrong vents, such as the floor or windshield vents, then you have a problem with your car AC system. You have to reach up to any best car service in Dubai for properly diagnosing the problem.