You don’t need to be an expert to guess that the brake system of your car is the most important safety system. Just imagine how effective it is when it helps to stop your car in no time, to keep you and your loved ones safe and avoid tragic accidents. A whole mechanism lies behind the smooth and precise response you get once you hit the brake pedal! Keeping this mechanism working is a necessity to keep you driving harmlessly! In this article, we will look at some information to understand how your car’s brake mechanism works and how to keep it checked and functioning.

How Does It Work

Almost every modern car has a breaking system that covers the four wheels and it is usually powered by a hydraulic system. These brakes are either drum or disc based, with the front two wheels being mainly disc brakes and the rear ones being drum brakes. This division is due to the fact that when you press the brakes, your car weight shifts on to the front wheels, so they have the disc brakes, which are more powerful. As common as it is, this system can vary between cars’ models, performance and price, and some of them have all-disc systems!

There is also a hand brake, which can be found in every car. This type of brake offers limited braking. However, it is used mainly for parking, and unlike drum and disc brakes, it is completely mechanical and covers only two wheels that are the rear ones usually.

Why Checking?

Obviously, the last thing you want on a ride is malfunctioning brakes! The braking system is prone to damage and low-performance over time, like every other component in your car, but experts can perform many types of tests to make sure that your braking system got you covered! Firstly, they can test drive your car to inspect it, then a more detailed process can inspect the system’s components like shoes, pads rotors, and all the hardware. Since most cars have hydraulic brake systems, an inspection to make sure that the braking fluid is not leaking is necessary. Luckily, all these tests are common and you can do them when you have an ordinary visit to the garage to have an oil change or AC repair.

Promechanix experts recommend inspecting your brake system every 6 months or 10,000 kelometers. If all of the components are operating smoothly, then there is nothing to keep you worried. Otherwise, every little malfunction count, because even the simplest error can lead to catastrophic results. Take the braking fluid, for example, if it is contaminated then its effectiveness will decrease and you will end up with a very less responsive brake pedal. Ouch.

Luckily for you, we at ProMechanix not only include breaks check in our services, but we save you the hassle of the visiting the garage and waiting for hours. ProMechanix is a mobile garage of professional car mechanics ready to come to you and check your car’s breaks at any location in Dubai with few clicks on our app. You can also ask book a full inspection on your car’s oil level, belts, AC issues, any leaks, and radiator hose inspections, to make sure your ride is completely safe on the road.