The temperature of the summer can be mostly harsh on your vehicle. According to a leading car mechanic Dubai, heat can expand the air in the tires and can make your cooling system work harder. Moreover, the summer heat can make the wear of the hoses and drive belts faster. But, with proper precautions, you can control the effect the summer can have on your car. Here is a list of the 8 important ways to prepare your car for summer.

Check the air pressure and tires

The snow tires used in the winter cannot be continued for the summer months. Remove those tires and choose all-season tires instead. This is a great tip to avoid hassles during the hot weather. Regardless of what you do with the tires, it is important to check the air pressure of your wheels. It is really important to have properly inflated tires in the summer as it ensures the best contact between the tires and the road.

Check the A/C system

You are going obviously to use the A/C system a lot in the summer months. But chances are that you did not use it much during the winter months. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the A/C is working properly. Check whether the wind from the blowers is cold enough. Also, pay attention to the noises and odors, and if any issue occurs take your car to a car checkup Dubai.

Check the wiper blades

Proper visibility is a prime factor while driving your car. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your wipers work properly. Check the wiper fluid, and top up if necessary. Carefully take a look at your wiper blades, and in most cases, it may require a replacement as the cold may have made the rubber worn out.

Perform under-the-hood inspection

You probably may not have opened the hood during the winter, and one cannot blame you! Now while the weather is good, and you can spend an evening giving your car a quick inspection. Open your hood, and do some minor checks like whether the battery terminals are fine, the engine oil levels are good, the coolant level is up to the mark, and then make sure that the brake fluid is not low.

Wash and wax your car

After the long winter months, the paint coat of your car may be filled with road salt, grime from melted snow, dust, etc. Therefore, summer is the best time to give your car a wash and detailing. Take your car to a wash, or you can spare some on a sunny weekend and can do t yourself. Anyway, summer is the best time to make your car look great! Change the oils This is one of the most important things to take care of. While changing the oil, make sure that you do it according to the specifications of the car manufacturer. Proper oil changes make sure that your car has a good and lubricated engine, that can run longer without any issues. Moreover, while the heat is up during the season, it is so important to keep the engine cool and lubricated.